ABOUT N.B. & Sons Machine




The vision of N.B. & Sons Machine is to continually grow and improve our capabilities and processes to meet the ever changing needs of the precision component manufacturing industry. This will allow us to expand across multiple markets, becoming a more dynamic company.


The mission of N.B. & Sons Machine is to provide an excellent customer relationship built upon accuracy, capabilities and world class service that excels above all others.



We believe in doing things right the first time, every time.



We believe in being honest. Earning trust by matching our behaviors to our work, being  responsible for our actions and holding ourselves to the highest possible standards.



We believe in being process-oriented to ensure the repeatability and reliability of our internal operations, enabling us to measure and continually improve our performance.



We believe in staying engaged in our work and having the focused attitude of self control that drives systematic and consistent results.



With N.B. & Sons Machine, you can expect us to develop the most productive, accurate way to turn your design into a precision component. Our expansive competencies in CNC machining and manufacturing processes enable us to offer you the most inclusive portfolio of machining capabilities—all from one source.

Founded by our father 1983, we have been providing our clients with the highest quality craftsmanship.  Specializing in the reproduction of custom precision machine parts for all industrial equipment.  Our capabilities include lathe work, milling, surface grinding and welding. 


At N.B. & Sons Machine we provide a wide range of machine shop tools, like injection blown molding tools for the Industry.  We have produced many replacement parts such as molding nozzles, core rods retainers, nozzle retainers and nozzle extensions.  We are capable of remanufacturing inter-change parts for all types of injection blown molding equipment; manifold and face bar assemblies. 


At N.B & Sons Machine we have developed a procedure for repairing worn out Transfer Heads.  We can replace damaged aluminum faces with tool steel.  This improvement provides our customer with a new and highly durable part.


At N.B. & Sons Machine we would like to have you join our many satisfied customers throughout the world who continue to return for all their project needs.