At NB & Sons we have been providing services to the Injection Blow Molding Industry for more than 30 years.  Our expertise of both injection blow molding equipment and processing is extremely extensive.   Have you ever wondered if you are saving money by buying cheap injection nozzles?  You're Probably Not.  Poor quality nozzles can damage molds and cause processing problems.


Nozzle with tip diameters that are more than .0005” oversized will cause nozzle seats in the mold to wear out.  This leads to leaks and costly repairs.  Nozzles with the orifice drilled off-center cause uneven filling of the parison cavity.  Bottles will then blow with thin or uneven panels.

The face of a nozzle is actually a molding surface in the parison.  Most nozzle faces are hand polished.  This tends to round off the corners of the nozzle face.  These rounded corners become an undercut.  When the parison transfers to the blow mold, this undercut becomes a drag mark in the bottle.  Our nozzles are machine polished.  This insures that the face is perfectly flat and the corners are sharp.  Quality components will save you money in the long run.